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    What’s in a Roofing Review – Can You Really Trust It?

    What’s in a Roofing Review – Can You Really Trust It?

    Back in the day, a business’s reputation lived or died on word of mouth. Although not much has changed when it comes to people recommending service providers to their friends and family, the internet has allowed companies to make a name for themselves pretty much instantly, good or bad. There are a lot of incredible things on the web, so what about Charleston roofing and exterior reviews? How reliable are they, and can you really trust them? These are things that you should pay attention to when it comes to what you read!

    The Stars are Not About Celebrity – They Matter

    When you Google anything, if a business has a business page, you can instantly see how many stars a company has. Those stars are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. Before you go blindly by where the stars align, take the time to read the comments. Sometimes what looks great might be a saturation of reviews, and what looks not so great might be a lack of reviews. Unfortunately, some companies are either more tech-savvy or have hired someone, so going just a bit further is a great idea to really read what people have to say.

    Read the Testimonials

    Testimonials are like a badge of honor nowadays. If you get a bad review, you aren’t going to post it to your website, but if someone says something that really hits a nerve and defines a company, they want to share it. Yes, the reviews that you see on our site are real, and they come from real-life customers. At Powell Roofing, we post our reviews and ratings because we are proud of them, and we do it so you know what to expect when we do a job: we do it right!

    Pay Close Attention

    Some reviews are super simple, like “good job.” It is important to read what customers really have to say about how well a company meets the needs of their clients. What they put online is typically what they want you to know and what they value. So if they post a review that says “they are the most cost-conscious,” that is typically what they pride themselves on. In the same manner, if they put a post that says “they know how to work with historic homes,” it means that they specialize in something that others might not. Take the time to really read reviews to know what you will most likely get from the service you hire.

    In an age where there is a whole lot of misinformation on the web, many people wonder how much you can really trust Charleston roofing and exterior reviews. We can’t speak for other companies, but what we can tell you is that we take great pride in a job well done and that is why we post what our customers say. It isn’t a selling tactic; it is a representation of what we do and how we care. Check out all of our testimonials today and make an appointment for us to provide the same quality service for you today!