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    Tips to maintain your roof in charleston sc


    Your roof is the protector of your home and its belongings, so it’s important that you maintain it to get the most life out of it. An improperly maintained roof can will age quickly and will cost you thousands down the road.  We can arrange a free consultation and quote with our roofing consultant so we can evaluate your roof and give you the best solution. We will be happy to guide you regarding the maintenance of your roof after our work is complete.

    Cleaning your roof

    Cleaning your roof is as important as cleaning your home. The interior rooms are maintained with regular cleaning, upkeep and maintenance. The roof needs maintenance and care as well as it protects you and your family from the outside elements. Wear and tear on the roof can be caused by harsh weather, wind, hurricanes, tropical storms, moisture and more. Every so often it’s important for you to brush off the debris, leaves and any standing water from your roof. Standing water can be a home for insects and can cause all kinds of damage.


    Be aware of signs that the walls of your house may be showing you. Pay attention to water stains on the walls or ceilings and any moisture coming in. Check it in regular intervals to make sure you are always aware of its condition and any issues. Schedule an inspection from Powell Roofing LLC if you witness anything unusual. Gutter cleaning, checking the chimney flashing, and removing debris are some steps to prevent your roof from aging.


    When your roof needs repair, have it taken care of by an expert roofing company in Charleston like Powell Roofing. The longer you wait to repair roofing, the more damage it will cause and repair costs will increase.

    Powell Roofing LLC has expert roofing consultants available for any questions you may have about maintaining your roof, roof repairs, or any other roof problem that may occur.

    Schedule an inspection with us to get a better idea about your roof and its maintenance.

    Visit our website at Powell Roofing LLC is a roofing contractor in Charleston SC that deals in Vinyl Sidings, Repair and Replacement of roofs, Commercial Painting Interior and Exterior for offices and households.

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