Sullivans Island, SC

Hire a roofing company in Sullivans Island, SC you can trust

If you need a trusted roofing contractor in the Sullivans Island, SC area for a roofing replacement or repair, you can count on Powell Roofing to provide expert quality within budget. Our mission is to install an excellent roof that will last for decades to come.

Call a highly trusted roofing company in Sullivans Island, SC today at 843.270.2421 and we will get you scheduled immediately!

A roof replacement is a significant investment, but also a necessary one. Because we understand that reroofing your home is a costly expense, we help to make the process as easy as possible and seek to work within budget. Our trained team of roofing specialists will provide you a free estimate in writing before we get to work on your new roof replacement in Sullivans Island, SC

Roofing Companies Charleston SC
Roofing Companies Charleston SC

Surefire signs that you need a roof replacement

  • Lifted shingles
  • Lifted shingles
  • Broken or damaged shingles
  • Sagging roof
  • A downed tree on your roof
  • Holes in the roof
  • Moisture or water spots on your ceiling
  • Missing shingles
  • Large branches on your roof
  • Water damage to sheet rock
  • A recent hail storm

Not all damage, leaks and missing shingles mean that you need a roof replacement

Roof Replacement Service Charleston SC

There are times when your roof needs a repair and others when a new roof replacement is required, but how are you to know? We provide an expert evaluation with full transparency and will indicate when it is financially wise to do a roof repair and when it is more financially sound to replace the roof all together. Sometimes repairing a roof does nothing more than put an expensive bandaid on a growing problem.

Our mission is to use your industry knowledge and expertise to advise you about which option is in your best interest.

What you get with a reroof from Powell Roofing

Powell Roofing LLC in Sullivans Island, SC will offer the best fit, quality and color for your roofing replacement. When it comes down to it, your roof really only has two main purposes:

To be aesthetically pleasing enough to increase your home’s value by providing a classy and refined look. When you redo your roof, you will be the envy of the neighborhood and make your curbside appeal that much more appealing.

A new roof gives your home the protection that it needs to remain structural strong for the long term. South Carolina’s weather conditions can be grueling and unpredictable, which is why you need an impervious roof to protect your greatest investment.

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What types of roofing materials do you offer?

We offer residential new roof replacement materials including shingles (3-tabd, architectural, designer) and metal (tough rib, standing seam, 5v) while trying to stay in budget and within the existing style of your Sullivans Island, SC home.

I am weary about the quality of roof that I will get, what does Powell Roofing have to offer?

Reasonably Priced, High Integrity Roofers Who you Can Count on!

While other roofing companies might profit from using subpar materials and cutting corners, that is never the case with Powell Roofing in Sullivans Island, SC. We commit to maintaining a transparent relationship with every customer we work with. And we also promise to provide the very best material and expert install to every roofing project we take on.

What should I expect when hiring Powell Roofing?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and materials in the industry. We also seek to ensure that every customer we serve is 100% satisfied once the work is completed, and every step along the way. After all, deciding to replace your roof is a very big commitment, and we understand that it is a significant investment and are honored that you chose to put your trust in our hands.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service to Sullivans Island and beyond. Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled!

Powell Roofing delivers individualized service and a free inspection with consultation to all of our potential customers. We have an outstanding reputation for expert roof replacements in Sullivans Island, SC and the entire Lowcountry area.