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Roof Repair in Charleston, SC

Do you need a roof repair company for your home? Powell Roofing LLC is one of the best roofing companies in Charleston SC to provide you premium roofing services.

Looked at your ceiling and realized there is something unusual? It could be dark spots due to the water leaking through your roof.

Don’t wait for the damage to get worse! Call us for roof repair in Charleston, SC services immediately! The team at Powell Roofing LLC in Charleston SC are roofing.

You can trust our roofing services as we offer quality work and years of experience.
Our roof repair services are second to none in Charleston.
We are licensed and certified in South Carolina for Roof Repair Services.

1Sagging Roof

4Broken or damaged shingles

2Moisture leaking through ceiling

5Holes in your roof

3Water damage to sheet rock

These are all visible signs you might need a roof repair in Charleston, SC. Do not ignore these indications, as they can cause more long term problems. If you wait, roofing leaks will cost you even more.

Our first step for roof repairing services in Charleston SC begins with the evaluation of your home by our expert team. Our primary objective is to offer your home a roof repair in Charleston, SC if that is the best course of action, or to provide you with an alternative depending on the condition of your roof. In some cases, the roof may be too damaged to repair.

We understand that roof repair can be an unexpected expense and sometimes costly. Powell Roofing LLC understands this problem for homeowners in Charleston SC, so we offer fair estimates for high quality workmanship. We will never compromise the quality of our work to cut corners and save money. We recommend only premium quality materials to our customers.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction. We have built a great reputation for roof repair in Charleston SC, and we strive everyday to build on that reputation by offering the best in roofing services.

Don’t worry! Not every leak indicates roofing replacement. In many cases roof repair makes the most sense. After we repair your roof, we will guide you with preventive measures you must take to maintain your roof for the future.

Most of the times roof repairs in Charleston SC are unforseen. They can be caused by wind, hail, hurricanes, moisture, trees falling and more. In any case, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If your shingles get loose, or a branch puts a big hole on your roof, our team will get you repaired quickly and efficiently.

Get more information about our roof repair services in Charleston SC by contacting us at 1(843)270-2421. We can schedule a meeting and provide you with a rough estimate for your roof repair.


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I’ve worked with Powell Roofing on several roof repair jobs. They are dependable and do great work for a fair price. I will continue to use his services.

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