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    Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

    Need new roofing in Charleston SC? Here's how to tell if you need roofing repair or roofing replacement.

    Your roof and its integrity ensures your home can shield you and the contents of your home from potential damage from the outside elements. Leaks, holes in the roof, trees falling, wind and hail damage can all damage your home's roof. It's important to remedy any issues immediately through roof repair if possible. If repair is impossible, you may need a new roof.

    The question isn't cut and dry. In some cases it is better to repair a roof rather than replace it. Whatever you decide depends on many factors, including the type of damage to your roof and what percentage of the roof surface is in need of repair.

    You may need a new roof replacement if:

    • Repairing your roof will cost almost as much as a reroof. This all depends on how much your repairs cost versus a new roof replacement. If the numbers are close, you may opt to go ahead and take care of the entire roof.
    • Your shingles are deteriorating and they are past their useful life span. A 20-year-old roof with a couple problem areas is probably near the end of its lifespan and due to be replaced.
    • A recent hurricane or wind storm hit. If your neighborhood was recently hit with a hurricane, tornado, or a excessive winds, the damage may be extensive enough to require a total roof replacement.
    • Moisture and water damage. Water can destroy your roof and make its way inside your home. Leaking roofs can cause serious damage and even health issues. If you see signs of moisture inside your home, like spots on your ceiling, peeling paint or mold, you may consider replacing your entire roof rather than attempt a patch or repair.

    You may need a roof repair if:

    • The damage is minimal. Replacing a few shingles or a section of shingles makes sense if your roof is newer and in good shape.
    • A branch falls through the roof and puts a hole in the roof. Damage like this is fairly easy to repair and it wouldn't make sense to replace your whole roof for a small hole.
    • You have a minor leak. Sometimes leaks can be very minor. Powell Roofing can assess the damage and let you know what the best option is for repair or replacement.

    It is always best to contact a professional roofing company if you have issues with your roof. Powell Roofing is an expert in roofing in Charleston, SC and can handle any roofing needs you may have.

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    A new roof can dramatically improve the look of a home, but most importantly it will keep your home safe and increase its value. Enhance your home’s beauty with a new roof from Powell Roofing. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our home roofing professionals. Call 843.270.2421 or email

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