Professional Roof Replacement in Mount Pleasant, SC | Powell Roofing LLC

Discover the premier roof replacement services in Mount Pleasant, SC, provided by Powell Roofing LLC. Our recent project involved the removal and replacement of 47 square feet of Landmark Pro Shingles. Unlike standard Landmark shingles, Landmark Pro offers superior quality, ensuring a better roof for your property.

Enhanced durability is a hallmark of Landmark Pro Shingles. To further fortify your roof against the notorious windstorms and hurricanes that frequent the Greater Charleston area, we utilized five CertainTeed components. This upgrade elevated the wind warranty from 90 mph to an impressive 130 mph, offering unmatched protection against severe weather conditions.

“James was referred by a friend who had a new roof installed on their home. We were very pleased by the professionalism and quality work that was done on our re-roof job! James delivered exactly what was promised on schedule! He will be our go-to roofer from now on!” – Doug Gepford

For all your roofing needs in Mount Pleasant, SC, Powell Roofing is your trusted partner. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and ensure your property receives the best roofing solutions available.

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