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    Problems to Watch for on Your Roof This Summer

    Is it time to hire a roofing company in Summerville, SC?

    As the hot summer days roll in, it is just a matter of time before the brutal heat will hit. If you think that it beats down on you, imagine what it does to your roof! During the summer there are common things that can damage your roof. Do you know what they are? It is a good idea to have a roofing company in Summerville, SC, inspect your roof to make sure that it can make it through another season. Inspectors can also look for signs of trouble.

    The Most Common Types of Summer Roof Damage

    The sun can do some significant damage to your roof if you don’t protect it. A roofing company in Summerville, SC, can help by applying a coat to your roof that will prevent the sun from melting the adhesion that keeps your roof intact. And it will also reduce signs of fading. Before we head into the summer months, it is a good idea to have a company inspect your roof and give it a little extra protection.


    High humidity can lead to roof damage when the roof is cooler than the outside air. Condensation can cause moisture build-up. The excess moisture can lead to a weakening of roofing materials, which eventually causes leaks. An excellent way to keep your roof strong during times of humid weather is to have a professional roofing company use waterproofing materials when they install a new roof or when they perform a roof repair.


    Rainy weather can cause damage to your roof unless you properly waterproof it to protect it. Having your roof regularly inspected is also a great way to spot signs of cracking or weakness that can eventually give way. Although you can’t always see water damage from the ground, checking the attic periodically for water stains can sometimes ward off extensive damage. Also, having your roof checked – both seasonally and after heavy storms – is a great way to ensure that your roof is in good condition. Typically, by the time you see signs of water in the attic, the damage is pretty extensive.


    High winds and hail can do a whole lot of damage to your roof, but the only way to know for sure is to have it inspected anytime you suspect that a storm was severe enough to cause damage. Branches and limbs that can sometimes fall and hit your roof can also create holes or loosen shingles requiring a roofing professional. Also, if the damage to your roof is from a storm, you might be able to make a homeowners insurance claim. But you need the correct documentation and someone who knows how to deal with the insurance company to make sure that you can get the roof repair or new roof installation covered.

    As we roll into summer, it is just a matter of time before the hot, humid days are upon us. Make sure that your roof is strong enough to take the hardships of the brutal sun by having it inspected to spot signs of trouble before they become expensive and troublesome. The professionals at Powell Roofing are here to help.

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