Do You Need a New Roof? Here’s How You’ll Know

Think it's time for a new roof?

Peeling paint on your walls, scratched and dented floors or warped windows, there are plenty of signs that tell you the interiors of your home are due for a makeover. But it’s not as easy to see these signs when it comes to your roof. No worries, though. Here are a few things to help you find out if it’s time to shop for a new one:

Check Your Interiors

Go around your home. Check if your roof deck is sagging. Are there any signs of water damage or leaks anywhere? Carefully go from room to another to check if there are any dark spots on the ceiling or trails down the walls. Go up into the attic. Is outside light showing through the roof? Then that’s a definite sign that you’ve got leaks. This doesn't automatically mean that you’ll need a new roof, though. Have it checked out by a professional roofing company to determine the extent of the damage and determine if you need a new roof or roof repairs.

Do a Visual Inspection

If the roof is low enough, consider climbing onto yours and doing a visual inspection. If there are any bald, torn or missing shingles, that’s bad news. Be sure to check around vents, pipes and chimneys for loose material or signs of wear too, says sheknows. Look out for excessive amounts of shingle granules since this indicates advanced wear.

Look for Moisture

Moisture often leads to rot and mold problems. If there are any leaks in your roof, that could mean mold and fungi problems. This can be tricky to spot though. You’ll be better off hiring help from a professional roofing company.

Where to Get Help?

Before you engage the services of a roofing company, be sure to look for experience. A roofing company that’s been in the business for a long time will have greater insight into roof repairs and replacements. They are most likely to have the best resources as well especially in terms of team, facilities and know-how. Be sure to check the basics too. Are the contractors insured? Is the company licensed? Save yourself future trouble and expense by asking for proof of your roofing contractor’s insurance liability. And if you want the best value for your roof, don’t forget to look for sustainable solutions. With companies like Powell Roofing providing innovative and sustainable products, you can look forward to having a roofing structure that will prove tough and sturdy and last you much, much longer than your previous one.

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