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    5 Advantages of Installing a Metal Roof on Your Summerville Home

    5 Advantages of Installing a Metal Roof on Your Summerville Home

    As we head into fall, many homeowners are considering replacing their roofs to make it through the long winter season ahead. If you are going to replace your roof, you might be wondering whether metal roofing is a sound choice for your needs. There are many advantages to installing a metal roof – these are just five noticed by our metal roofing in Summerville, SC company!


    In roofing materials, metal roofs have the most longevity possible. A good metal roof can last upwards of fifty years or more. And if you choose zinc or copper, that estimate can go up to over 100 years. Imagine having your roof replaced and never having to worry about doing it again!

    Style and Versatility

    Metal roofing used to come in very few options, so they weren’t very appealing to the consumer. New metal roofing comes in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to suit any type of dwelling. As a result, it is a good choice, regardless of when your house was built or its overall style.


    Metal roofing is made from 25% recycled material. And once the roof’s lifespan is over, it is 100% recyclable. That means fewer shingles and roofing materials ending up in landfills every year. If you want to go green, metal roofs are also great for people who want to install solar panels on the top of their homes. Save money on energy, have a long-lasting roof, and go completely green – all at once!

    Energy Savings

    A metal roof works to reflect the sun’s rays and the radiant heat from them. During the summer, a metal roof can save you as much as 30% on your overall energy usage, which is a significant savings! They also have emissivity, which is the amount of time that it takes a material to cool down after it’s heated. So when the sun goes down, there isn’t a recovery time for cooling as you see with shingled roofs.

    Moss- and Fungus-Proof

    Due to our climate in the South, roofs are prone to things like moss and fungus growth. If you allow moss and fungus to go unchecked, they can lead to needing unnecessary and costly repairs. Metals are not only fungus- and mildew-resistant; they can also protect your home from the pests that might quickly make their way into your attic to find refuge.

    If you are thinking about a metal roof for your new roof installation but don’t know if it is a sound choice, there are several factors to consider. Yes, metal roofs are a bigger investment upfront, but they will pay for themselves over time. They require very little to no maintenance, can last upwards of fifty to one hundred years, and come in a variety of stylistic options. Contact Powell Roofing today to discuss your new roof installation to see if hiring a company for metal roofing in Summerville, SC like us is a good fit for your needs.