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Check out this 29 Gauge Tuff Rib Panel Metal Roof in Brite Red. 40 Year Warranty Against Surface Rust. Manufactured by JD Metals.

  • 36″ Total Coverage, 3/4″ Rib Height
  • 29 and 26 Gauge Available
  • 23 Available Colors back with a Limited Lifetime Paint Warranty from WeatherXL
  • Also Available in G90 and Galvalume Panels
  • Exposed Fasteners
  • For Agricultural, Residential, and Commercial Use
  • Anti-Siphon Sidelap Design for Weathertightness
  • Applies over Open Framing or Solid Substrates
  • Suggested Minimum Roof Slope 3:12
New Metal Roof in Isle of Palms- Powell Roofing
Red Metal Roofing Materials in  Isle of Palms,SC

The Perfect Red Metal Roof to Finish a Spectacular Isle of Palms, SC Stunner !

Although living by the ocean is an incredible dream for homeowners, it can be super punishing for roofs and roofing materials in Isle of Palms, SC. Metal roofing is not as common as other types of roofing materials around the nation, but it is a sound choice for the South Carolina coast and region. We recently finished a stunning red metal roof for one of our customer’s homes, which is situated beautifully with marsh views abound.

Tuff Rid Metal Roofing Panels- Powell Roofing

Tuff Rid Metal Roofing Panels are Versatile and Luxurious Looking

From commercial buildings to residential homes, Tuff Rid metal roofing panels are one of the most versatile roofing materials in the industry. They suit every type of home and dwelling style from luxury home to office building. Tuff Rid is an extremely good economical choice that helps to add beauty, while also providing one of the most durable roofing grades in the industry.

Made From High-Grade Steel - It Perfectly Suits Any Architectural Style

Tuff Rib is made from high-grade steel and the panels come in both a 26 and 29 gauge thickness. It is also a highly recommended metal roofing product because it comes in 23 various colors so it can perfectly top any architectural building style or decor.

Residential Metal Roofing in Isle of Palms, SC Versus Other Roofing Materials

Living by the ocean comes with an abundant amount of wonderful things to see and do. But it also comes with tumultuous weather and the potential for hurricanes and high winds, which can put a lot of wear and tear on homes around the area. A metal roof helps to protect your most significant investment from in-climate weather, floating debris, and other hazards that accompany harsh storms.

Beauty and Power Combined Into One Wonderful Finished Project

Metal roofing material is loved around the Isle of Palms, SC area not just because it can withstand the demands of sea living, but also because it is beautiful. We were lucky enough to be chosen to roof this beautiful home by the sea with a perfect shade of red, that makes the house that much more rich and elegant, while at the same time, whimsical and fun.

Achieving all the unique aspects the homeowners were in search of, we are proud to put the “Powell Roofing” touch to this spectacular home. We think the results were fantastic on this new metal roof!

Roof Before

Roof During

Roof After