Best Roof Installation South Carolina- Powell Roofing

    Just Announced: Local Roofer Powell Roofing Receives CertainTeed Award

    Just Announced: Local Roofer Powell Roofing Receives CertainTeed Award

    CertainTeed Recognized For Being #3 in South Carolina- Powell Roofing

    We are pleased to announce that Powell Roofing has been recognized for its superior quality and service in the South Carolina area and beyond by the CertainTeed brand. The announcement was made in March that Powell Roofing has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the roofing industries.

    Certificate from CertainTeed- Powell Roofing

    91st in the Nation – Beating out the Competition

    Powell Roofing was ranked the 91st highest rated roofing company in North America overall due to their SureStart warranty jobs. That means that they far surpassed thousands of CertainTeed registered roofers in the South Carolina area and nationwide. Thanks to providing the highest quality and reliable service possible, they set themselves apart from other roofing contractors.

    Professional Installation With Eco-Responsible Practices!

    To be a member of the CertainTeed community, a company must qualify by providing the very best in installation and also be a part of the eco-responsible recycling program. The many stringent requirements that must be met are a reason that not many roofers either apply or are accepted into the program. Not only does Powell Roofing adhere to all of the standards, they far excel and succeed where many fail.

    And also to be compliant, roofers in the CertainTeed program must attend continuing education classes and be abreast of all the latest advancements and any changes in the industry. Taking the time to continually improve is both time-consuming and expensive, but for Powell Roofing Company in Charleston, SC, it is the only way to operate.

    Best Roof Installation in South Carolina

    Powell Roofing – The One to Call for All-Things Roofing

    So if you need a roof repair, emergency roof service, or roof install in South Carolina, Powell Roofing is the company to call. You can be assured by their many pleased customers and their CertainTeed excellence award that you will receive the highest-quality roofing service in the industry.

    For more details on Powell Roofing’s complete set of roofing and exterior services, please visit

    Powell Roofing, LLC is a leading Charleston roofing company specializing in roof replacement, roof repair, metal roofing, siding, windows, and emergency roof repairs. Their team of Charleston Roofers has over 50 years of combined roofing experience.

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