Is 2021 Your Year to Invest in a Metal Roof?

    Is 2021 Your Year to Invest in a Metal Roof?

    As we roll into 2021, there are very few who are sad to leave 2020 behind. And we all optimistically hope that the New Year ahead will be filled with health and prosperity. One way that homeowners can add some equity to their homes and also keep it well protected for the spring and summer months to come, is by replacing your old roof and adding a metal one. There are numerous advantages to investing in a metal roof like a long life span and durability. But the benefits depend on what metal roofing Charleston, SC company you choose. To get the most for your investment, make sure to look for the following qualities in your roofing contractor.

    Experience With Metal Roofing

    A metal roof installation differs from shingle roofing and other types of roofing materials. And since the quality of the roof installation significantly impacts the maintenance and durability, choosing wisely is important. Make sure to find a roofing specialist who has extensive knowledge and experience specifically in metal roofing installation. It does take a certain skill set to get it right, so take the time for due diligence before choosing the company you hire.

    Their Reputation

    Before you hire any roofing company, make sure that you know what type of reputation they hold in the community. It isn’t enough to just Google “metal roofing Charleston, SC,” you have to go one step further to investigate their work. Things like online reviews, referrals from other people, and checking out their previous work are all things that will help you find a roofing specialist you can trust. Knowing how previous clients view them is the best gauge to know what type of experience you will likely have.


    If you can’t seem to get a roofing contractor to even come look and give you a quote, that isn’t a good sign of responsiveness. If something should happen after an install you want someone to address it immediately. And if a company can’t even follow through to provide an inspection and estimate, imagine how well they will be on top of things if something goes wrong and they already have your money in hand. Find a company that treats you like you are the priority you are!

    Quality Materials

    Roofing contractors typically go with one metal roof manufacturer exclusively. If you hire a company because you like their work, but don’t investigate the quality of the materials they use, then you aren’t looking at the whole picture. Sometimes quotes can differ greatly due to the cost of the materials. And it makes no sense to hire a company due to their craftsmanship when they put subgrade materials on your roof!

    As we roll into the New Year, now is an excellent time to evaluate how your roof made it through hurricane season and whether it has another year or not. A metal roof is an excellent long-term investment to make in the South Carolina area. But the quality of the install and the materials are what really matters when you look to hire a metal roofing Charleston, SC company. At Powell Roofing, we specialize in metal roofing installation and design. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote.