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    How to Pick the Right Roofing Company

    How to Pick the Right Roofing Company in Charleston, SC

    A roof is the first line of defense against your greatest investment. But the roof itself is a significant investment too. If you need a new roof or a repair, choosing the right roofing company is imperative. Since not all roofing company Charleston, SC professionals are the same, finding one you can trust is critical to keeping your family, and your house safe. To find the best one in your area, look for these qualities.

    Their Reputation

    Although the internet is a way that people typically find contractors, word of mouth is still extremely important. Before you hire any roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof, ask for referrals in the community. Also, since knowing the rules and regulations for your specific locale is extremely important, find one who has an established reputation in your community.

    Look for Manufacturer Designations

    A manufacturer designation is an award that a contractor will receive if they meet the minimum requirements to service and install a specific manufacturer. So, if a contractor has a manufacturer designation, that signals the consumer that they care about the quality of their work and have continuing education requirements that make them an elite roofing professional.

    Extensive Warranty Coverage

    Although roofing materials themselves come with a warranty to cover materials, not many offer contractor’s workmanship coverages. Therefore, if a contractor doesn’t install your roof correctly, your insurance company might deny coverage. And they might refuse to pay for any defects caused by installation failure. If the contractor, likewise, doesn’t fix it, then you might be out a significant amount! Find out what a contractor will offer in terms of a warranty so that you aren’t left paying for someone else’s mistake.

    Ensure They Are a Licensed and Insured Roofing Company in Charleston, SC

    If you hire a contractor who doesn’t have the right insurance to cover an accident, then the cost of the accident can befall you. Make sure that any roofing contractor who works on your rooftop is fully insured so that you know you are covered too. And ask for verification in writing. Simply telling you that they have all the proper documentation isn’t enough. It is always a good idea to trust, but verify!

    Asks You to Pay Your Own Deductible

    Although it might be alluring to have a contractor take care of everything, including your deductible payment, if they insist they will do the repair without you paying for your portion, that is insurance fraud. And it might come back to cause you a whole lot of trouble. Your roofing contractor should aid you in the claims process, but the deductible will be your responsibility, and that is the way you want it.

    Don’t be Pressured

    If you feel as if someone is giving you the hard sell, don’t be intimidated. Investing in a new roof or a roof repair is a significant cost, and one that you should not only think heavily about, but also be comfortable with. Don’t let anyone pressure you into signing on the dotted line until you know for sure that you are hiring the right professional to get the job done.

    Choose the Right Material

    Contractors typically work with one or more manufacturer. If you aren’t that thrilled with the quality, the look, or the type of roofing materials they use, then it might be time to consider another contractor. The overall aesthetic appeal of your roof will influence the equity of your home and its resale value. So make sure that you like what you are ordering. Or, it could lead to buyer’s remorse no matter how much you like a specific roofing contractor.

    A new roof is a significant investment. So before you invest in one, make sure that you are hiring the right professional! Not all roofers are the same. So take your time to find the one that you are most comfortable with. And also, find the roofing company Charleston, SC who has the best reputation and the expertise to install your roof right the first time, every time. At Powell Roofing, we have an established reputation for honesty in the community for a reason. Contact us today to discuss your new roofing project.

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