Repair and Replace

    Repair or Replace – 4 Signs to Help You Decide

    Repair or Replace – 4 Signs to Help You Decide

    Hurricane season is in full swing, which is a drill that we have all gotten used to living so close to the coast. And although we haven’t been hit with any major hurricanes, that doesn’t mean that the late summer/early fall storms haven’t brought some high winds and harsh conditions for your roof. If you’re having issues with your roof and wondering if you should repair it or replace it, here are four signs that might help you decide, from our “roof repair in Summerville, SC” experts!

    Missing, Curling, or Buckling Shingles

    One missing or cracked shingle isn’t a major deal most of the time. But if the missing shingle has been gone for a while without you noticing, then there might be more water damage than you anticipated. Most of the time, we can’t see what’s happening on top of the roof from the ground. But if you have seen shingles on or around your property, that is definitely a sign you should have your roof inspected. At a minimum, it may indicate you need a repair. If the damage is extensive enough that it has gotten to the underlayment or the attic, you might need to replace a section of the roof – if not the whole thing.

    Your Roof is Nearing the End of Its Lifespan

    When your roof was installed, it came with an estimated life cycle. When it comes to roofing material, the lifespan can range anywhere from 15 to 50 years. But remember, that is just an estimate. If you know the end is nearing, it is best to have a professional take a look to be proactive. It is always easier to repair a roof before the damage is too extensive, but if your roof’s life cycle is ending, it makes more sense to go for a new roof than to spend money on an expensive repair to get you through a year or two.

    Hail or Storm Damage

    Regardless of the age of your roof, if a storm has caused damage, then your homeowner’s insurance policy will likely pay for the repairs and/or replacement. And if someone else is going to foot the bill, it makes more sense to replace it then to just repair it, especially if the damage is significant. You will need the proper documentation to prove that the damage is related directly to the storm. Call a professional who knows the drill to help get your claim passed!


    A roof is only as good as the integrity of the underlayment that it rests upon. If you notice that your roof is sagging, that means that there is probably a problem with the integrity of the structure below it, which is a red flag that it is time to replace your roof. A sagging roof isn’t being supported as it should be, and even with a repair, it probably won’t last long. When you need to redo what is underneath your shingles, that is a sure sign that you are probably better off replacing than repairing.

    At Powell Roofing, we know that a new roof is a hefty investment, but we also know that sometimes hiring a company for roof repair in Summerville, SC, isn’t the answer. Sometimes it is much better to replace it and know that it is taken care of for the long term. If it has been a while since you have had your roof inspected, fall is an excellent time – schedule your appointment with us today!