Five Roof Issues You Might Be Facing Due to the Summer’s Heat

    Five Roof Issues You Might Be Facing Due to the Summer’s Heat

    As we head into the fall, soon the extremely hot temperatures will be behind us. There were times when the heat was too much to handle for our bodies, so can you imagine what your roof went through? The high temperatures combined with the sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on roofs. Now is an excellent time to hire a company for roof repair in Summerville, SC, like Powell Roofing, to ensure that your roof isn’t dealing with any of these issues.

    A Leaky Roof

    One of the most common issues that arises during the summer for roofs is a leak – or several leaks. Summer comes with a lot of harsh storms, continual rain, and sometimes high winds. If your roof wasn’t doing so well before the weather hit, then it probably experienced a lot of wear and tear over the summer. If you notice any signs of a leak, it is best to catch it quickly. The problem is that you probably won’t see it from the ground with your own two eyes.

    Algae Growth and Moss

    Living in the South means dealing with moisture, humidity, and mildew. It also comes with an increased risk of moss and algae growth on top of your roof. Moss spreads through spores in the environment and once it takes hold, it does so quickly. When moss grows between the shingles on your roof, it can lead to moisture accumulation and a mat-like cover. Over time, that can lead to issues with rot, and it eventually can hurt the supporting structure of your overall roof.

    Insects and Rodents

    Summertime comes with insects trying to make parts of your home their refuge. Roofs are prone to many active insects and rodents that seek to hide from the heat and the sun’s rays and will find a way to burrow into your roof and cause issues. Common roof pests are squirrels, termites, bats, rats, bees, and hornets. Prevention is always the best way to deal with a pest control problem, but that takes experience, know-how, and the equipment of a professional roofer.

    Storm Damage

    With summer comes storms and the threat of hurricanes. Your roof is a pretty solid covering, but it can’t withstand everything. When a major storm rolls through, it’s always a good idea to have someone inspect it for signs of damage. You want to make sure to fix it quickly, and being on top of it will also make it more likely that you will have the documentation you need to file a claim with your insurance company.

    Poor Ventilation

    When things heat up, your roof needs to have ventilation where heat and humidity can escape. If your roof doesn’t have the proper ventilation, it can lead to shingles swelling and cracking or moisture being trapped, which can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Make sure that your roof has some breathing room so that it can withstand conditions year-round.

    As we quickly head into fall, now is an excellent time to examine how well your roof made it through the extreme heat and summer storms. Since you can’t get up on the roof yourself (or at least you shouldn’t), it is important to hire a roof repair company in Summerville, SC that you can trust. At Powell Roofing, we have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellence. Contact us today and let us make sure that your roof is fall-ready!