Five Reasons to Upgrade your Windows for Summer

    Five Reasons to Upgrade your Windows for Summer

    As we roll into spring with summer close behind, South Carolina residents know that hot weather will be here soon with little relief. The long summer months can be brutal — especially on your monthly energy costs. Most homeowners will have to keep their air conditioning running at full speed to keep up. The good news is that there are ways to reduce your energy consumption and to be eco-friendly, and one of them is to hire a window installation Charleston, SC, company to replace your old windows. But it isn’t just about energy. These are five reasons it is a worthwhile investment.

    1. High Rate of Return

    According to statistics, upgrading your windows can come with a rate of return of up to 77% – or more. That means that upgrading your windows adds significant equity to your home’s value. And if you choose to sell your home, you will recoup nearly all of the money you spent to replace your aging windows.

    2. Reduced Energy Consumption

    Old windows typically do not keep cold air in or hot air out during the long, hot summer months. You can choose to put a barrier around them to reduce leakage, but it isn’t often really enough to make a significant difference. According to the Department of Energy, if you choose energy-efficient windows to replace your old ones, you can save as much as $465 per year on monthly heating and cooling costs. New windows aren’t just great for the summer months, either; they also increase your energy efficiency by helping your heating costs during the cold winter months.

    3. Aesthetic Appeal

    Nothing will make your home look more out dated than old windows. By replacing your windows, you will significantly increase your curb appeal. Also, if you intend to list your home soon, then new window replacement will also increase your asking price and make your home more competitive on the market.

    4. Smart Technology Conveniences

    Over the past decade, not only have windows become much more energy-efficient, but they also provide smart technology for more convenience. Window manufacturers are adding things like changing glass with the touch of a button, which not only increases privacy; it helps to cut energy costs by keeping out radiant heat from the sun, or letting radiant heat in during the winter. Powell Roofing offers windows with a DP 50 rating and all windows are southern rated.

    5. Increased Protection

    One of the biggest drawbacks of living on the South Carolina coast is the threat of heavy storms and hurricanes. New windows can help to reduce the risk of damage if a storm with high winds should hit. It is much more economical to upgrade your windows to reduce the risk of damage than to repair what is done from a storm! Powell Roofing offers impact resistant windows to protect your home and family from hurricanes and tornadoes.

    As we head into the hot summer months in South Carolina, one way to significantly reduce your energy costs – while also providing a vast number of other advantages – is to hire a window installation Charleston, SC company, like Powell Roofing. We can help you find the best windows to increase your home’s equity while still staying within budget. Contact us today to discuss how we can replace your old windows.