Five Advantages of Investing in New Windows

    Five Advantages of Investing in New Windows

    If you are a commercial property or home owner, you are probably turning your heating to cool. The warm spring weather might be welcome, but as anyone who lives in Charleston knows, the brutal temperatures are quick to follow! If you want to cut your monthly energy bills, then upgrading to new windows might be a wise decision. There are many ways that replacing your windows add value; these are just five of the best ones to hire a window replacement Charleston, SC company like Powell Roofing.

    Aesthetic Value

    As a home or commercial property owner, you understand that the first impression that people form starts at the curb. If you have aging, dull windows, they are doing nothing to welcome people to your front door. When you replace your windows, you will be shocked at what a difference it will make to the overall look of your home or office, both inside and out!


    The real estate market is red-hot right now and property owners are quickly finding out that equity is a safe investment for both now and the future. The rate of return on upgrading your windows is somewhere around 85%, which is one of the highest of any home remodeling project you can take on. So, even if you don’t know how long you will own the property, upgrading is a win-win proposition all around.

    Energy Efficiency

    By replacing your old, leaky windows, you will save a considerable amount over just one year. Imagine what the savings will be in a decade when they might need to be replaced again! For homeowners, the US Department of Energy calculates that new windows will save you an additional $126 to $465 a year. That money can all be put toward the investment of upgrading.

    More Comfortable

    When your windows are sealed correctly and there isn’t air leaking through them, it takes a lot less of a toll on your HVAC system. It also means that you are more comfortable year-round. Replacing your windows is an excellent way to beat the heat this summer in all of your rooms, instead of just a few. It also means that your HVAC system has to work less, which will help to extend its lifespan and lead to lower repair costs over the years!

    Noise Insulation

    Your home should be your haven, but nothing is calming about having windows that leak and let the street noise in. Whether you live in the suburbs or the Holy City, being able to keep the outside world out means that you can enjoy your little slice of life with a quieter atmosphere.

    As the springtime rushes in, so too will the hot and brutal summer weather. If you want to beat the heat, add aesthetics to your property, and enjoy some better monthly cooling costs, consider hiring us for window replacement in Charleston, SC today. We provide superior products at competitive pricing and outstanding service. Get an estimate today!