Emergency Roof Repair

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Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

At Powell Roofing, we provide the highest-quality, affordable, and expert service for emergency roof repair in the Charleston, SC area. South Carolina’s weather can be extremely unpredictable, including hail, high winds, and hurricane conditions, which can all lead to the need for an emergency roof repair. We are the professionals who are there 24/7 when you need us.

The most common causes of roofing emergencies include:

  • A fallen tree limb
  • Natural wear and tear due to UV radiation
  • High winds that lead to torn shingles and or roof decking
  • Ice build up in dams and valleys
  • Improper installation issues
  • Flashing failure around chimneys, dormers, and vent stacks

While some roof emergencies are preventable with proper maintenance, there are a vast number of them that are completely out of your control. When a roofing emergency happens, it needs to be addressed immediately. And when they do happen, we are the leading emergency roof repair company in the Charleston, SC area to troubleshoot your repair solution on your time, not ours.

Emergency Roof Repair- Powell Roofing
Emergency Roof Repair Charleston SC

You can trust our roofing repair services as we offer quality work and years of experience. Our roof repair services are second to none in Charleston. We are licensed and certified in South Carolina for Roof Repair Services.

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Things to Remember During a Roof Emergency

If you should have a roofing emergency, there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t. To keep yourself safe remember to:

Never go up on the roof alone. If your roof is damaged, getting up to take a look on your own is never a good idea. Call a professional for an evaluation instead.

Cover the area to prevent damage. If there are exposed areas of your roof to the interior of your home, make sure to cover them with plastic sheathing to protect against further damage.
Inspect the roof from where you can see. If possible, inspect the damage from the ground, and make a note of any debris or possible damage that you can see so you can report it to the professionals when you make a call for an emergency roof repair.

Powell Roofing - Local and Trusted Emergency Roof Repair Experts

If you have a roofing issue in the Charleston, SC area, we are the experts to call. With a proven track record and a reputation for excellence, you never have to worry about your roofing emergency when you call Powell Roofing.

We can handle whatever roofing emergency you have on your time, not ours. And always with the highest-quality service and innovative roofing solutions. No job is too big or too small, contact us today for an emergency roof repair evaluation.

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