Different Types of Roofing: Styles, Material and Pitch

Whether you’re scouting around for a replacement or shopping for a new roof, you won’t run of options out there to choose from. Learn more about roof styles and roofing materials below:

Roof Styles

Styles vary from one time and place to another. Designed to accommodate the needs of the structure, these styles must provide protection from the weather, ensure internal elements are safe—like your piping, insulation, ventilation and electrical wiring—and must be compatible with the existing structure. Here are 10 types of styles to check out:

  • Gable roof – One of the simplest roof styles, it looks like an inverted or upside down V. 
  • Flat roof – Common for commercial buildings and are often one of the easiest to build.
  • Hip roof – A common sight in residential areas and often much more difficult compared to gable and flat roofs. 
  • Gambrel roof – This is a Dutch-inspired roof style and quite similar to a gable roof. However, for gambrel roofing, one side is typically steeper than the other. 

Other types of roofing include Dutch hip roof, Shed roof, Mansard roof, Butterfly roof, Winged cable roof, A-Frame roof and Folded Plate roof just to name a few. 

Roof Materials

Aside from style, you will need to choose the right kind of roofing materials. This will hugely depend on the kind of roof pitch or slope you go for. Some materials are ideally suited for a slope or pitch and some materials are common in an area or location because of the way it can stand up to outdoor elements. Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, wood shake, slate shingles, metal, and tile.

Roof Pitch

The pitch or slope is a major deciding factor and often determines the type of materials you can use, affecting the durability, design and even construction and maintenance of the structure. Flat roofs, low slopes and steep slopes make up the three main roof slopes for roofs.

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