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    CertainTeed 5-Star Warranty Vs. Pro-Rated Warranty – What’s the Difference?

    CertainTeed 5-Star Warranty Vs. Pro-Rated Warranty – What’s the Difference?

    Installing a new roof is a major investment that requires you to consider several factors before hiring a contractor or choosing a product. In terms of warranties, things can range significantly, especially between manufacturers. If you are looking at the difference between a CertainTeed 5-Star Warranty versus a Prorated Warranty, you might be getting caught up in the fine details. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to shingle warranty offerings and what they cover versus exclude. Reading the fine print is the best way to make an informed and cost-conscious decision!

    What Does a Manufacturer’s Warranty Mean?

    CertainTeed Roofing warranties will cover any problem associated with your shingles that occur in the manufacturing process. What you need to know about warranties for manufacturers is that there are two different types of warranty coverages. One is the manufacturer’s product warranty, which covers just the product from any defects related to its production and manufacturing. The second type of warranty is the roofer’s contractor workmanship warranty, which takes care of any mistakes or errors that stem from the quality of correctness of the roofing contractor who installs the product.

    What is a Prorated Warranty?

    A prorated warranty works off the age of the roof. So, let’s say that your roof has a 20-year warranty and it is five years old when you notice signs of a defect. A prorated warranty will only reimburse you for the years that the roof has left, or 15 years. So although you need to pay for a whole new roof, you can only recoup the cost of the roof minus the five years that it actually lasted.

    What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to product warranties, they are outlined and not altered by anything that happens outside of production, such as the installation. The workmanship, in contrast, cannot delve into the quality of the product. Therefore, it is best to get the best of both worlds, but not always possible. Almost all manufacturers in the roofing industry provide a warranty against defects in the quality of their production – but not when it comes to those defects that affect leaking or performance. CertainTeed Roofing products are not only affordable; they cover all manufacturer defects, not depending on shingle type. The CertainTeed Warranty is not limited by fine print like “lifetime,” meaning original owner’s “lifetime.” Also, stipulations such as the installation done exactly as intended by the manufacturer do not exist.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    A roof is only as good as the quality of the manufacturing, as well as the craftsmanship used to install it. If you have just one type of warranty over another, there is a 50/50 chance that your roof will be covered if something happens. And of the 50% that is covered, there are usually some stipulations and exceptions that can also disallow you from using your warranty. When you go with a CertainTeed product and a CertainTeed professional, you get the best of both worlds to ensure that pretty much anything that can go wrong is covered, so that you aren’t left picking up the tab for someone else’s mistake or limitation.

    Powell Roofing is a certified CertainTeed roofer, which comes with all the security that CertainTeed provides, along with the experience and reputation that we have built in the community and the industry. Our warranties cover pretty much anything that can go wrong, so you know when you hire and invest with us for your new roof that you have the protection you need for it to be the best investment possible. Contact us to set up a roofing evaluation appointment today!