It’s a New Year to Start Fresh – Do You Need a Roof Repair Service in Charleston?

As we roll into 2021, we can all collectively say that putting 2020 to rest is not a bad thing. A New Year is an excellent time to start things over, fix stuff up, and to get to all of those things that you put off during the holiday season completed. If you have been worried about what is happening on top of your house, now is a perfect time to find out if you need a roof repair service in Charleston, SC company to make sure your roof won’t cause problems for the New Year ahead.

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Different Types of Roofing: Styles, Material and Pitch

Styles vary from one time and place to another. Designed to accommodate the needs of the structure, these styles must provide protection from the weather, ensure internal elements are safe—like your piping, insulation, ventilation and electrical wiring—and must be compatible with the existing structure. Here are 10 types of styles to check out: