5 Things That Require Vinyl Siding Repair

    5 Things That Require Vinyl Siding Repair

    Vinyl is one of the most popular choices for homeowners when it comes to siding. The reasons are numerous; it is one of the most affordable options, comes in a vast amount of colors and textures, and it is highly durable. Although, there are times when you might need to call a vinyl siding repair Charleston, SC company. If you notice any of these signs, don’t try to do it yourself; call a professional.

    Melted Siding

    A common and sometimes costly mistake is to have your grill or another heat source too close to your siding. The heat that a grill gives off can do some significant damage to vinyl siding. Vinyl siding that is melted needs to be repaired and/or replaced altogether otherwise it will not only look bad it can lead to water damage behind the damaged vinyl strips.

    Water Damage

    Although vinyl siding is highly durable and moisture resistant, there are times when water can get underneath the siding and cause mold and mildew problems. If you notice any signs of mold growth, it is a good idea to call a vinyl siding repair Charleston, SC company immediately to see if power washing will take care of the problem. Or, to make sure that it isn’t something more serious like vinyl boards that need to be replaced.

    Insect Infestation

    Although rare, in the South especially, it is possible for insects to get up underneath your vinyl siding where they can breed and fester. If you notice any signs of insects, especially destructive termites, it is important to have a professional inspect the siding issues to make sure that there isn’t damage to the material that can lead to more vulnerable spots for insects to take hold. And you should also call a pest control company to make sure that the infestation is cared for and eradicated.

    Poor Installation

    Vinyl siding is an excellent product, but it is only as good as the professional installation of it. If your vinyl siding installation company didn’t follow the manufacturer’s specifications perfectly, then it might be possible that your siding can shift, warp, or buckle. If you notice any signs that things are right, it is important to have it evaluated before the problem has a chance to get worse and become more costly.

    Structural Damage

    Structural issues are rare, but they can happen. Over time, as a house begins to settle, it can lead to vinyl siding bulging or buckling if slight shifts of a building are made. If you see signs of structural damage in your vinyl siding, it is critical that you call a structural engineer to see where the problem stems from.

    Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for homeowners across the nation because it is highly versatile, virtually maintenance-free, and affordable. But there are times when vinyl siding repairs might be necessary. Don’t ignore signs of a problem, or likely, they will just become more problematic. If you see any of these five signs or something amiss, contact Powell Roofing, one of the best vinyl siding repair Charleston, SC companies, for an evaluation today!