5 tell-tale signs your roof is leaking and you need a roof repair

Is your roof leaking? Here's how to tell if you need a roofing company!

Your roof is one of the most important components of your house. If you pay attention, it may be trying to tell you something. There are various reasons why roofs leak, and it's important we fix these issues quickly to prevent further damage.

Roof leaks can be frequently missed because issues can be so subtle. Small roof leaks cause rotten wood and even mold and mildew just like large leaks do so it's important to stay on top of maintaining your roof. If you wait too long without repairing roof, it's possible you will need a complete roof replacement.

The best way to be certain your roof is in tip-top shape is to have it regularly inspected by an experienced roofing professional in Charleston SC. Below are 5 of the top telltale signs your roof is leaking.

#1: Algae and Mold on your roof
  • Occurs most often in warm, humid climates aka Charleston, SC
  • Caused by growth of fungi or algae
  • May not be leaking, but could indicate potential problems
#2: Curling or Buckling Shingles
  • May be caused by water absorption or hot air in the attic
  • Buckling or curling shingles do not effectively protect the roof from leaks
#3: Damaged Flashing
  • Caused by improper installation when you get a new roof or on older roofs can be caused by drying and cracking
  • Can sometimes be repaired without replacing roof. Consult with Powell Roofing to determine a plan.
#4: Missing Shingles
  • Caused by storms and high wind speeds like hurricanes in the Lowcountry
  • This can sometimes related to improper fastening of  shingles
#5: Ceiling or Roof Spots
  • When water gets through, you may see water stains in your ceiling. If you see this, consult a roofing professional immediately
  • Leaks may appear around chimneys and vents, so keep an eye out on the interior of your house

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